Problems involving fluid flow in pipeline usually require outflow, pressure drop, temperature and diameter calculation. To solve these problems, conservation laws related to mass conservation, momentum and energy are applied to one-dimensional flows. Due to problem complexity, the solution is, in general, only achieved through computational programs.

Well known international software is employed to carry out simulations, for example:

Also several softwares developed internally are used. Among them, stand out:

  • Planpig

    Planpig 4

    Pipeway planning tool for internal/external corrosion tests.

    Transpetro / Petrobras - 2013/2014

  • GasVTE


    Technical-economic testing tool for gas pipelines.

    Petrobras - 2013

  • CalcPro


    Pipeline transportation and flow calculation tool.

    Transpetro / Petrobras 2008-2013

  • DeslocaN2


    Nitrogen pig displacement simulation tool for pipeline deflating operations

    Transpetro / Petrobras 2010-2013

  • Autovalv


    Tool for intermediary block-valve motorization analysis

    Transpetro / Petrobras 2010-2013

  • Mavaz


    Maximum leaked volume determination for oil pipelines and pipeline dreinage.

    Transpetro / Petrobras 2010-2013

  • ProfileTool


    Pipeline profile edition and handling tool

    Transpetro / Petrobras 2011-2012

  • SimGAS


    Simulation tool for natural gas delivery stations

    TBG / Petrobras - 2009

  • PigSIM


    Pipeway transient simulator

    Transpetro / Petrobras - 2008

Other in-house softwares developed:

  • Interface de Treinamento de Operadores

   Training interfaces for pipeline operators - Models 1 and 2.
   Transpetro - 2008

  • NETGasSim

   Simulator of heat flow and gas transient in pipeline networks and their components
   ANEEL / El Paso - 2007

  • DutoPro Transiente

   Transient monitoring batch simulator
   ANP - 2002